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Your fleet operations, on steroids...
Fleet-Up.com is an online tool for EVE-Online - the science fiction MMO computer game set in space - designed to help corporations & alliances manage their fittings, doctrines, operations and fleets.

Fleet-Up makes it really easy for your new and existing members to get in game, in the right ships, at the right time. Import fittings and organise them into 'doctrines'. Users can instantly see which are flyable by their EVE characters and at what skill level. Plan tactical or strategic operations and track fleets. You can even brand it to own style. Learn more...
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Fleet-Up Features
One Size Fits All
  • Create or join Groups
  • Corporations
  • Alliances
  • NPSI & Social
  • Permission structure
  • API-level support
  • Auto-Accept and Boot
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Fleet Doctrines
  • Store Fittings
  • Fleet Doctrines
  • Plan Compositions
  • Prioritise by Role
What can I fly?
  • Flyable Highlights
  • Check Skills
  • Training Plans
  • Download Skillplans
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Operation Planner
  • Plan Operations
  • Sync with your Phone
  • Slack notifications!
  • Local Time Display
  • Structure Timers
  • Attack / Defence Ops
  • Slack notifications!
  • Local Time Display
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  • Create Skillplans
  • Training Progress
  • Download Skillplans
  • Management Reports
Ship Skills
  • Fitting Skillplans
  • Character Training
  • EVEMon Download
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Fleet Tracker
  • Built-in Fleet Tracker
  • Location Map
  • Fitting Links
  • Report and Export Data
Fleet Planner Tool
  • Plan Fleets by Doctrine
  • What can your fleet fly?
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Shop & Assets
Shopping Lists
  • Create Shopping Lists
  • Add Fittings / Items
  • Share with Group Members
  • Export Data
Asset Tracking
  • Track Assets Online
  • Ship Fitting View
  • Optional Feature
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How will it help you?...
Rookie - I can learn from great fits and instantly see which ones I can fly. Veteran - I can contribute fits and adapt to fill elite roles. F.C - I can plan and manage fleets. C.E.O - I can define fleet doctrines and organise groups of players.
The answer to some familiar questions...
What ships can I fly and how?

New members to your corporation or alliance will want to get up to speed with how you fit and fly your ships. Likewise when you dream up a new fleet doctrine you will need to tell your pilots about it. This is a problem often tackled by creating lists of saved fittings in game, creating private wiki's or long forum posts filled with EFT pastes. Whilst these solutions work, they require new members to perform quite a lot of unexciting research and copy-pasting fits back into their own version of EFT.


Fleet-Up's unique fitting and doctrine mangement allows players to quickly learn fittings and fighting styles. They can also identify which ships they can fly and at what skill level with just one click. Check out the "Fitting Management" and "What can I fly?" sections of the features page.

Any fleets up?

Despite the existance of the in-game fleet finder, this question is still synonymous with users logging in. Even if your corporation is a strict user of the fleet finder it still suffers one big problem; you need to log in to game to find out what's going on. It also lacks detailed information regarding composition and pilots.


Fleet-Up allows you to selectively advertise to your corp/alliance exactly what fleets and operations are going on, who is involved, what ships they are flying, where they are, and where they're going. Check out the "Fleet" section of the features page.

Where is the fleet?

This is often the first question asked by new pilots entering a fleet. It will often shortly be followed by the spam-linking of the system name in fleet chat and will probably be repeated every few minutes, especially if your fleet is on the move.


Fleet-Up's fleet tracker tool allows you to keep up with ship movements, waypoints and destination. Check out the "Fleet" section of the features page.

What ship types?

This is often the second question asked by new pilots entering a fleet, after the asking about location. It can be a real frustration point because the player joining really wants to know what to fly whilst the existing members of the fleet just want to get on with things without having to spoon-feed ship choices to new members.


Fleet-Up's fleet tracker tool shows the fleet composition in detail, allowing pilots joining the fleet to quickly see which of their ships might fit in best. Check out the "Fleet" section of the features page.

Can someone link me a fit?

This is a question that comes up all the time. Whether it's whilst players are forming up in a fleet, planning an operation or have just finished their latest skill plan -- they want to know how to fit out a particular ship to best effect. After reviewing the inevitable flood of minor alterations to the same fitting comes the task of finding and buying all the modules. It's tedious to say the least...


Fleet-Up makes all this easy by providing a simple go-to list of fittings and doctrines, even highlighting which ones the user can fly! Quick-links to market orders make buying all the parts quick and easy. Check out the "Fitting Management" section of the features page.

What time is the operation?

Getting pilots to turn up to operations is about motivation but its also about making it easy for them to know what's happening. If you plan to take your corp off for a month assaulting a particular region then everyone needs to know about it -- where will the home base be, what ships to bring, etc. Likewise, tactical fleet operations need to be planned.


Fleet-Up's operation planner allows you to define both large, strategic and small, tactical operations. The dedicated fields for location and time make entering and reading operations simple and the addition of the doctrine links mean pilots instantly have a list of most-wanted ships. Check out the "Operation Planner" section of the features page.

Who is coming and what are they flying?

After planning an operation it is useful to know who might be attending and perhaps what ship they might fly. Tools like the EVE calendar allow you to accept/decline events but only the organiser has a view of who is attending and nothing more - everyone else has no idea.


Fleet-Up's operation planner allows members to see who is attending which operation and what they plan to fly. This allows members to make informed choices about what ships to bring or if an operation is low on numbers make an extra effort to get involved. Check out the "Operation Planner" section of the features page.

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