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Help // Donations
Fleet-Up is a personal project that I have been working on and funding since May 2012. I develop the service in my free time and pay to host it personally.
Always Appreciated
Tens of thousands of users visit Fleet-Up and as such it costs over $100 to host monthly. Any donation, even small, helps reducde reduce the personal overheads of hosting Fleet-Up.
How to Donate
If you would like to help support Fleet-Up please consider donating using the button below. Donations are of course optional but are greatly appreciated and are used exclusively to offset the cost of cloud-hosting Fleet-Up.
 - Help support Fleet-Up hosting through donations
The button above allows you to donate in USD ($). Alternatively, you can donate in the following currencies:
Is this Legit?
Yep - It's above board. Accepting donations for hosting costs is allowed under CCP's third party developer terms and conditions (section 4.4). You or I are not breaking any rules by making or accepting donations.